New born sweetness

This little guy spent the first two weeks of his life in the hospital and was able to come home just yesterday. He must have known he was going to get his pictures taken LOL. He was the sweetest little thing. Such a good sleeper! (mom and dad are lucky). We tried for about 30 minutes to get him to wake up to show us his cute eyes...he just kept on sleeping. guys, I know you are awake tonight (oh the joys of having a new born) so here is a little sneak peek for you! Thanks for letting me come to your home and take pictures. I had a fun time!


Heather said...

these are perfect, Melissa! Mom and dad are going to love them!

Jennifer said...

These are absolutely beautiful and precious too, I really love mom and baby together!

The view from my heart said...

So serene and beautiful! Love the clarity, and the sweet baby foot is my favorite. ;)