My nieces

I went to my sister-in-laws house today and was going to be taking some pictures of this beautiful baby girl, but it didn't end up happening. So, my nieces decided to jump in and help me out. They all have the most beautiful eyes and were more then wiling to be my models (well except for little Lexi who was mad a her bike for not working lol). My sister-in-law was at the hospital for her knee that she hurt this past week, so It was just me and the kids. It's so much fun to just be with the kids, do what I like as far as photography goes and have no pressure that the clients will love or hate them. They were so much fun! so beware, lots of pictures to come! (oh and my sweet daughter was nice enough to let me take FOUR pictures of her..with a bribe for a cookie even! Little stinker).


Jennifer said...

well, they did a great job! I think these are all so beautiful and so are they! I really like their dresses, especially the polka dot one!!

Joanna Taylor said...

Lovin' me some red polka dots ;) These look great! Glad you at least got to practice some without the pressure!

LuckyMom said...

I do hope you will approve this blog comment! Those pictures are so beautiful! Of course, the subject you have are all the most beautiful. Good to see Missy smiling at you, even if you had to bribe her with a cookie! Honestly, though, you are a very talented lady. I will keep telling you that until you believe me!

LuckyMom said...

Ok, it blipped my comments out! These pics are adorable, and moreso because my grandbabies are the beautifullest around! Good work, Melissa, as always. Keep it up!
Love you,

Kami said...

Awww these are gorgeous! I love the polka dot dress..so stinkin cute!