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It's time...

For your chance to feel Simply Beautiful! We are having our Simply Beautiful photo session at the end of this month! {taken from the Simply Beautiful blog} Tammy and Melissa met in March of 2007 and became instant friends. Besides having a lot in common, they share a love for photography. They are both very excited to get this project going! We all have moments in our lives where we ABSOLUTELY feel and look beautiful, such as: Prom night, graduation day, and especially your wedding day. You MAY even have photos documenting those special times in your life. HAS LIFE'S BUSINESS KEPT YOU FROM HAVING A SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL MOMENT LATELY? As women, we need more of those special times where we feel Simply Beautiful! THIS is where Tammy and Melissa step in and HELP you feel just that. The process is simple. For $100, you will have a 30 minute, photo session with both Tammy and Melissa. You'll receive a CD with 6 full resolution images of your choice (along with the same web sized image for emailing to friends and family, posting on blogs, or posting on your Myspace page). You'll also get fun goodie bag and have the chance to win a $30 gift certificate! This is your chance to feel Simply Beautiful. It would be a fun girls night out or a chance to surprise your husband with some great pictures! Most of the time, we have pictures taken of our families or kids, but this is a great chance to have professional pictures taken of YOU! After all, WOMEN are important too! If you are interested in participating in this project, please email jartahuana@hotmail.com (Tammy Jarman) m@melissadavisphotography.com (Melissa Davis). You can also leave a comment with your email address and we'll be sure to get right back to you. The available times are to your right. We look forward to working with you! You may also want to check out our blog for this: Sign ups are for August 24th and 25th! http://www.tammyjarman.typepad.com/simplybeautiful/


Exciting news ~ sneak peek

I am giving my website, blog, colors, logo, etc a totally revamp! A few weeks ago, I was working on my website and accidentally saved my thumbs and my images (don't ask my why I was so stupid) but 90% of my images needed to be redone! hours of work ahead of me... So, I decided to ask one of my fav photography boards where I could find a good web designer (just thinking it might be fun to go totally new) and a very generous and great photographer/designer told me she was starting some new web templates and If I would be her guinea pig while she worked on them, I could have one of her sites at a discounted price. (no names yet....I'm not sure she is telling anyone about her web design as of yet). Anyways, here is a sneak peek at my new colors! I've got a logo that I am loving. My other blog is ready (but wont go live until my website does).... So remember to check back for more details...it could be a month or three months before everything is ready to go....


My nieces

I went to my sister-in-laws house today and was going to be taking some pictures of this beautiful baby girl, but it didn't end up happening. So, my nieces decided to jump in and help me out. They all have the most beautiful eyes and were more then wiling to be my models (well except for little Lexi who was mad a her bike for not working lol). My sister-in-law was at the hospital for her knee that she hurt this past week, so It was just me and the kids. It's so much fun to just be with the kids, do what I like as far as photography goes and have no pressure that the clients will love or hate them. They were so much fun! so beware, lots of pictures to come! (oh and my sweet daughter was nice enough to let me take FOUR pictures of her..with a bribe for a cookie even! Little stinker).


New born sweetness

This little guy spent the first two weeks of his life in the hospital and was able to come home just yesterday. He must have known he was going to get his pictures taken LOL. He was the sweetest little thing. Such a good sleeper! (mom and dad are lucky). We tried for about 30 minutes to get him to wake up to show us his cute eyes...he just kept on sleeping. guys, I know you are awake tonight (oh the joys of having a new born) so here is a little sneak peek for you! Thanks for letting me come to your home and take pictures. I had a fun time!


Beautiful family!

My little sister's friend is here visiting from Alaska and wanted some pictures of her sweetie pie little girl. It was a pleasant surprise to have her sister and her 5 kids there too! They were sooo cute! Here is a sneak peek for you guys! I had so much fun, thank you for letting me take pictures of your beautiful families!


Simply Beautiful

Tammy and I have set up a blog for Simply Beautiful and would love if anyone who reads this blog would pass the link on to friends and family! We want to be able to take pictures of woman and have them KNOW they are simply beautiful! We also want it to be AFFORDABLE! The blog is in the beginning stages right now, but if you'd like to check it out, please do! We are offering a 30 minute photo session with Tammy and I, 6 high res and low res images, and a goodie bag for $100! (A couple lucky girls will take home a gift card to somewhere fun!) I just think this would be so fun, as I've had Tammy take my pictures, and LOVE that I actually have some professional pictures of ME! It's usually family pictures, or pictures of the kids, but when do women ever just get great pictures of themselves? And wouldn't this make a fun girls night out?! Grab a couple of your friends and let them know about this! Our first Simply Beautiful sessions are August 24th and 25th!


Want to feel sexy and beautiful?!!

Hey all!

My friend Tammy and I are going to get a group of girls together and take pictures of them. We know that most girls do NOT have any nice portraits of them and we know how to make girls look sexy and beautiful. Now.... what Husband or Boyfriend wouldn't want a awesome, sexy, beautiful photo displayed at their work of their significant other?!! And for all the moms out there, I can bet money on it, that your kiddos would love to have a nice photo of their mommy!

Tammy and I are going to get together this week to work out the details, but wanted to know if anyone would be interested.

Here is a rough draft of what the package might include:

$100 would include your session fee, 6 full res images of your choice, 6 of the same web sized images, a goodie bag to take home and some lucky girls will be winning a gift certificate to somewhere cool!

This is a great deal and a fun way to have some professional pictures taken of yourself! Email me (m@melissadavisphotography.com) or comment here if it is something you might be interested in. Tell your friends, it will be a fun girls night out!!

Stayed tuned for updates!!! :)


Show some love!

I'd love to know who visits my blog! Show some love and leave a comment if you come here often!! Also new and old clients, keep yours eye out for new Christmas cards I'll be making for this coming Christmas Season! I'll be offering some fun Christmas specials this year, so mark your calendars and remember to book a session with me for your family Christmas cards!!


Baby slings!

I was chosen to be the photographer for two sisters who are starting their own baby sling business. We did a big photo shoot on Saturday and it was a lot of fun! There were gorgeous moms and babies there...what else could I ask for?! I wanted to share a sneak peek! Thanks for a fun day ladies! When their website is up and running, I'll post a link for anyone who might be interested in these CUTE, CUTE, AWESOME, slings!!
(click to see them a bit bigger)


a few more...

I finished proofing this session and I just had so many that I personally loved! So I wanted to share some more.


Fun engagement!

This engagement session was so much fun! These guys were great! I love going into a session and feeling like we were long lost friends ;) and getting along with them really well! Thank you guys for a GREAT session...hope you love your "sneak peek!"